Articles of Timeless Interest

Since most of what I write on this blog is not news but thoughts and arguments about the existence of God (I'm pro, most of my readers are con), they are timeless, and the older posts are as relevant and cogent as the new. Nothing grows stale.  So you needn't wait for new articles; time doesn't permit me to post as often as I want to.  Those posted months ago are as likely to interest you (perhaps even help you) as those just posted or those I'll post tomorrow.  So scroll down and read at random.

When you get to the end of the a series, click "older posts" and there's a second series; at the end of that click "older posts" and there's a third.  I'm slowly organizing these into a book, probably titled "The Believing Agnostic: A Creed for the Skeptical."  The titles that will definitely be included in a certain order are designated by a chapter number.  Those not so designated may also be included, but I'm not sure where.  Here's a list of what's available on the home page or under "older posts."  The order occasionally changes, and the list isn't always updated, but if you can't find a title that sounds interesting, feel free to email me ( and I'll help you locate it or send it to you.  The list:

Chapter 7.  Empirical Theism: A Thought Experiment by Shane Hayes

Chapter 6.  Pure Theism: Ponder It by Shane Hayes

Chapter 5.  Why People Become Atheists by Shane Hayes

"New Atheist" Challenge, Believer Response

Do Billions Who Never Heard of God Prove There Is None?

Chapter 3.  How the Inprobable God Probably Works by Shane Hayes

Chapter 2.  Believing Without Proof by Shane Hayes

Admitting Our Uncertainty by Shane Hayes

More Plausible than God? by Shane Hayes

Is God an Explanation? by Shane Hayes

Magic: Divine and Human by Shane Hayes

What’s Left for God to Do? by Shane Hayes

The “Third-Rail” of Church Policy Making by Shane Hayes

Does Atheism Break Down Here? by Shane Hayes

The Greatest Scientific Mind by Shane Hayes

Chapter 4. Is God’s Existence Improbable? by Shane Hayes

Fear and Faith (An Exchange of Letters)

Of Love and Fear by Shane Hayes

My Theological Eccentricity  by Shane Hayes

Darkness and Light by Shane Hayes

Chapter 1. An Agnostic Argues for Faith by Shane Hayes

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